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Happenings: Floating Points and Kyle Hall

Boy oh boy, do I wish I was in London for this…

Ever since I first heard Love Me Like This last summer, I’ve been hooked on Sam Sheperd. Under the moniker of Floating Points and with his imprint of Eglo Records, Sam has served up lush productions of soulful electronic music way ahead of his years. Need I mention this budding young artist is also a Ph.D candidate studying Neuroscience?!  Allow that!

Now Kyle Hall is another young luminary, a Detroit native heralded as a prodigy by his Motor City contemporaries. With tracks like Create Your Own Experience and his own label Wild Oats, it’s no wonder this wonder-kid is making a name for himself within the Detroit scene. Oh yeah, the dude also isn’t old enough to legally enter most clubs here in the US, what’s up with that?

Both citing jazz, soul, funk, boogie, deep house as musical inspirations, these two relatively new players in the game are sure to put on an incredible session at Plastic People.

I’m marking the event on my iCal just so I feel involved.

Insights & Selections by  Floating Points

“To appreciate a record you actually have to damage it. I love the fact that every time you listen to a record you destroy it because that is what makes you appreciate it – you are damaging the art as you listen to it.”

Insights & Selections by  Kyle Hall

“Our goal is to bring music back to where it belongs, back to people who have passion in their hearts for it. That’s how it first happened in Detroit. People started with nothing but love, and look what we made out of it: something that keeps getting deeper and stronger—something we believe just never goes away. It’s finding people all over again.”

Moving Pixels: Kyle Hall’s Movement