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Mark E

I was first introduced to the sounds of Mark E through a buddy of mine at Disco Horror. Mark Evetts stands as one of my favorite producers within the slow-mo disco movement, akin to artist like Graeme Clark and Craig Smith (The Revenge/6th Borough Project.) His work resonates a bizarre dichotomy within electronic dance music, particularly the fact that his production work is pitched down and borderline downtempo but still attains an ability to make people jack hard on the dance floor – just as any 120 BPM house track, if not better.  Expect nothing but lush sounds as E marks that spot.

Sonics:  White Skyway

Sonics: R+B Drunkie <– his edit of Janet Jackson’s 2004 hit single.

Sonics: Think Twice (Mark E Pressure Dub) <– a majestic slow-mo rendition that takes the original from a jazz bar to a dark smokey discotheque, absolutely brilliant.

Sonics: Merc Mix Pt. I & II <– highly recommended, fantastic selections of deep loopy goodness, dreamy pitched down house, and vintage soul.

Insights: Slow-Mo Perspectives

“Soul music is slow house music.”

“It’s a form of bootlegging. I think with what I’ve done, I’ve made new music out of old music. A new interpretation of something – and that’s good.” – (pertaining to his edits)

“It’s got to be good that people can get access to software and computers and have ago. It might open their whole lives up to something that otherwise wouldn’t happen. It’s got to be good. There a lot of untapped talent out there that would go unrecognised if it wasn’t for that.”