The Gathering – Neal Howard

Neal Howard – The Gathering (Joey Negro Edit)


The Poem – Bobby Konders Feat Mutabaruka

The Poem – Bobby Konders Feat Mutabaruka


02 Day – Omar S

Come n get it – Nicolas Jaar

chicago – Henrik Schwarz


Inner City Blues
















Inner City Blues 12”

Love and Happines

So blessed to have both in my life right now. Accordingly, here are a couple of tracks that reflect my current state of mood.

Track 11 (a unique reinterpretation of Al Green’s seminal song, Love and Happines. T. Parish once again strips to its raw components, restructuring the original arrangement with a touch of his signature Motor City jazz. What results is a beautifully reengineered song, where the soft melodic keys alleviate the devastating inflections of bass. Jazz, house, soul, whatever you make use of this music, one things for sure: it’s DEEP.

Fudge Fingas – Situation Diminished

I Can’t Help It

This is one of those songs for me when you suddenly have a clear moment of understanding, when you realize that the music you choose to listen to has such a positive effect on your soul. The lush instrumentation perfectly complements Michael Jackson’s almost angelic voice. The break down in the middle, softly fading back to the vocals? Blissfully divine.

Pure magic by the Nordic prince himself, Todd Terje.

I Can’t Help It (Todd Terje Tangoterje Remix)

Chopstick & Johnson (Suol)

These are times of plenty, and the dance gods are generous.

I just can’t get enough of this. If the dance gods were to throw  a dance party, I’m sure this would be in the set-list.

01 Clear Eyes