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Amp Dog Knight

Over U embodies everything that I love about deep house music. The slow progression, minimal instrumentation, & Amp Fiddler’s enchanting soft whispers are utterly sultry, and I’m positive the inaudible conversations in the background are of Mr. Kenny Dixon Jr. (aka Moodyman), not surprising since they often collaborate.

Under normal circumstances, the song maybe too slow to play out for the dancefloor but when it does happen, it separates the people gyrating their hips from the people eager to gyrate their soul. Music can be one hell of a drug.

Over U (Original)

Over U (Instrumental)

*Amp Fiddler’s chat for Red Bull Music Academy.


Andrés II

Comparisons have been made, citing that Andrés II is a mix between a Moodyman and J.Dilla production. Released from the ever enigmatic Mahogani Music label, Andrés II showcases snippets of soul, house, r&b, hip-hop, & broken beat, all weaved & reinterpreted into a new palette. Proving once again of the undeniable progressive dance music ethos emanating from Detroit. As limiting as my labels may be, rest assured the album is an entirely pleasurable listening experience – whether you find yourself intimately bobbing to your headphones or jacking hard on the dancefloor,  Andres II is a must.

Sonics: Change My Mind

Sonics: Moments In Life