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“No Comprendo, Me Gusta Bailar Toda La Noche”

Any self-respecting house head must immediately download this mix and proceed to lose their shit like I did.

Just listen and revel.

Here are some of my favorite individual tracks.

Sonics:  Marcello Giombini – Gemini

Sonics:  Chemise – She Can’t Love You

Also, a charming interview of Prince Language by Brasil’s D.EdgeTV

“In America, the best dance music all comes out of Chicago, Detroit, & New York City. And if you have an understanding of each of those cities, I think you can do pretty well (as a disk jockey.)”

*Once again, thanks to my pal at Disco Horror for pointing me in the direction of this mix.


Gavin Russom

“Open the door, I want some more!”

Gavin Russom delivers a twelve minute magnus opus of glitchy synthy sound sculptures. The spanish vocals add just the right amount of sex needed to make this dancefloor accessible. Simply brilliant.

Its releases like these that make DFA Records a worldwide champion of contemporary electronic dance music.

Sonics: The City Never Sleeps

Moving Pixels: Gavin Russom on Analogue Synthesizers

Insights: Juan Maclean

Politics of Dancing

A charismatic interview with DFA cohort, Juan Maclean, on his take of house music’s perception within the United States. Brings up some well worth notions of how sexuality plays a role within the contemporary dance music scene.

“It was a chance for straight guys to be into dance music without seeming gay.”

“I feel like I’m on a mission to make disco acceptable. I want to see if I can trick people into loving house music.”

Sonics:  Happy House