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Finally… We can all breath a sigh of relief. Harvey is back, although I doubt he ever really left.

In my opinion (if it counts for anything), Harvey Sarcastic Disco is one of the the most exciting things about the Los Angeles scene. Truly an unprecedented affair and also served as my introduction to L.A.’s burgeoning warehouse party subculture. You can’t really ask for more with this: an elusive venue, an immense sound system, an all-inclusive party ethos, a legend behind the wheels of steel, and incredible incredible music. Takes deep breaths Los Angeles, DEEP DEEP slow breaths.

UDPATE: The party fell through, the Los Angeles Fire Marshall shut down the event before it got started. To whomever called the LAFD on the promoters, be ready, I’m going to find you >:-[

Also, here’s an interview Mr. Harvey William Bassett, charming as ever and delivers nothing short of his signature grin.

“I’m not very motivated. I’m kind of a lazy, underachieving kind of guy but I enjoy to spread the love. I suppose the main motivation is to give the people a good time.”