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you say Afro Gente, I say Afro Giant!

I have this faint memory of hearing this song at Plastic People during a Theo Parrish residency and absolutely losing it… Faint or feint, Glenn Crocker aka Glenn Underground is a purveyor of deep house groves. With obvious nods towards tribal rhythmic music, the addition of a jazzy key progression, a particular sound (a certain tweak ) I can’t describe, and the kraut breakdown,  Afro Gente results as a vehement instrumentation of deep house. By no means is this track gentle, it’s a definite giant!

Sonics: Afro Gente

Moving Pixels: Afro Gente in action. Theo putting it to good use. <— note how he tweaks the EQs?!

*I happily accept gifts and don’t be shy, throw in a rotary mixer too ;-D