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because Dennis Ferrer heard you said…

Apologies, I’ve been neglecting this blog for absolutely no reason. In celebration of my homecoming, I give you Dennis Ferrer’s celebrated single ‘Hey Hey,’ along with some great remixes by artist I know jack about. It’s safe to say that the vocals lie at the crux of the track, driving it from start to apex. Cheers to Eve Therond (uncited) for lending her disco diva vocals, because we all know within every househead is a closeted disco diva. And also, here’s to my very first inebriated post! (my gratuitous fix of vodka tonic is making the room SWIRRRLLL.)

Hey Hey (Radio Edit)

Hey Hey (Df’s Attention Vocal Mix)

Hey Hey (Crookers remix) – a great nu rave interpretation, almost tribal/deep house in the arrangement and instrumentation, wish they kept on that note.

Hey Hey (Riva Starr Paradise Garage Mix) – very Moroder inspired