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Plastic People hits the spot

Where to begin with this? During my brief stint in London I was lucky enough to have come across this homely club in Shoreditch, which to some Londoners Plastics is revered as a cultural institution, a musical church – and rightfully so. The vibe is incredible, my ideal place to lose myself in music. You start off by entering this unassuming red door, head down the stairs finding yourself in the bar section of the club; the amenities are meager and the drink selections are few but that’s not the point, you then move on to the dance floor: it’s dark almost cavernous, low ceilings, minimal capacity, and a funktion-one soundsytem to boot (which I was told was specifically engineered for plastic’s space.) Then comes the sound, the sound, the sound, never have I heard anything so LOUD and so CLEAR, sonics that pierce through your skin and vibrate your blood. Lastly you have the vibe; Plastic People cultivates a unique community, a certain sensibility and understanding of the love of music, and you find yourself surrounded by bodies grooving to sounds, pretension aside and love of music at the forefront, ineffable really.

Do yourself a favor, if you ever find yourself in East London go to Plastic People, it’s an absolute essential experience. I look forward for my return to this ‘temple of boom.’

Moving Pixels: Plastic People Alive (Pt.1)

Sonics: Floating Points – My Plastic People <—  an absolutely splendid mix

” For many DJs and music fans in London it  is more than a club – it is a second home. It’s never about the money, never about the hype, just always the opportunity to play the music we love in the environment we love and to remind ourselves why we got into doing what we do in the first place.”

” I can say without any hyperbole that Plastic People is the Haçienda of the south and my generation. It’s a hub of aural creativity which not only sits on the cusp of London’s ever evolving, electronic dance music scene, but gives it a home, an incubator where experiment is encouraged and expected. ”

” People say ‘it’s only a club, get over it’ but I’d say it’s as important culturally as any famous gallery in the UK or some other key place where people could go and get something to lift their soul, be inspired and feel something real. There are very few clubs in the world like this and we need more of them, not less.”