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Theo Parrish, sounds without relent

Whenever I find myself out of a Theo Parrish binge, I seem to quickly and deeply find my way back in. Why? because the man operates like heavy machinery: without relent, without remorse, but full of purpose.

Emotive though as it maybe, his songs and selections hold so much narrative and power that it’s impossible for me to not loose my mind while listening. Theo is the embodiment of Detroit’s attitude, the Chocolate City’s mentality of put up or shut up, he plays whatever he wants yet still wears his musical convictions on his sleeve. It’s utterly inspiring and ultimately what I aspire to be as a music lover, and quite possibly as a selector. I cherish with great pride when I was properly introduced to his musical dominance in London’s Plastic People, back in the beginning 2010, where he seemed to be at home churning massive tracks one after the other. It might have been the copious amounts of MDMA consumed and one-too-many whiskey tonics, resulting in a brief exchange of hip gyrations with his wife (true story!) but boy oh boy, I was lost deep in musical bliss. To quote Theo himself, that night changed my DNA.

Below are some carefully selected Theo tracks, though listen sparingly or otherwise you’ll find yourself in a deep chasm of monumental musical bliss. (Expect more posts of this vein)

Track 13a – baby makin’- hip gyratin’- after hours tuneage, so sexy.

07 Slowly Surely – Jill Scott (Theo Parrish Mix)

Falling Up (Carl Craig Remix) – already a massive track to begin with, done with more flare by fellow Motor City luminary, Carl Craig.

Undisco Kidd (Ugly Edits 7 b1) – dirty cuts served raw, one of my favorites of his Ugly Edits series.

going downstairs – don’t have the adequate words for this. becomes a dreaded beast if you wait long enough.

02 U Bring Me Up – r&b deep house collabo with Billy Love

Untitled (Ugly Edits 5 b1)

Also, here’s  a great introductory reading by Fact Magazine. Consider it a proper Theo Parrish 101.