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Getting Deep with Motor City Drum Ensemble

I first heard of Danilo Plessow aka MCDE in an RA podcast (don’t remember which one.) But what I do remember is being completely entranced by  Raw Cuts -3. In similar vein to Theo’s Ugly Edits or DJ Harvey’s Black Cock Edits, Danilo’s own raw cuts is a testament to his talents as a producer, sampling old soul and disco records while adding his own deep Stuttgart touch.

His interview cites his love for jazz and hip-hop, and how jazz is hip-hop, vice versa. Also some quaint stories of his youth: playing in a jazz band, crate digging- or lack thereof – in Eastern Europe, and his forthright opinions of  Joy Orbison’s Hyph Mngo . Overall, Danilo comes of knowledgeable yet remains grounded – a virtue in decay amongst other selector/producers, in my opinion. You get a certain understanding that guy really loves music, and that’s how is should be, love of music should drive you.

“For me, the music that really touches me is music that hits me directly in the heart.”

“I have a very very distinct vision about how music should sound on the basis of harmonies, feeling and attitude. I can find this in music from the 60s, 70s, I can find it in jazz, in disco, in 80s house, when it was more about a sound than actually about the track.”

Sonics: Raw Cuts -5

Moving Pixels: MCDE @ Brooklyn Yard ’09