The Game

Killer grooves but the vocals does it for me. Unassuming in the beginning (like a standard club track) but once the crescendo hits, or better yet comes in and out, the track  takes a different direction, subversively turning into something you lose your shit to on the dance floor – I know I would.

Jayson Brothers – The Game (Original Mix)



another lush instrumentation. the melody is stellar and reminiscent of something out a dreamscape. dream raving anyone?! I advise that you play LOUD for maximal auditory resplendency!

01 Deep Burnt

think twice

A song perfect for those late night cruises on the high way. As I look in my rear view mirror, the outlines of the downtown cityscape slowly creeps away. You look straight ahead to empty lanes – only a few drivers are on the road this time of night, let’s hope they’re all sober. Ominous and forbidding, you can’t help but feel hypnotized by the slow progression. It’s simple but entrancing. Thank you Tribe for the original composition and thank you Mark E for the killer edit.

01 Think Twice (Mark E Pressure Dub)

i need you to shake your little ass n’ hip

still feeling freeki and wouldn’t have it any other way.

DJ Nature –  Everyone

that’s what you really are

Because sometimes, it’s ok to get freeki..

Freeki Mutha F cker


“People are only human and sometimes they let us down, but a good track never lets you down”

I write this post from the comforts of my bedroom, sipping on a chilled glass of white wine, the room lit with soft red hues cast by my bedside lamp, serene wafts of smoke billow as the jasmine-scented-incense gently burn, lastly the POUNDING BASS emanating from my studio monitors muffle my young brother’s demands to turn down the volume. Sorry bro, when I’m feeling, I’m feeling it.

3 Chairs is a Detroit collective comprised of Theo Parrish, Kenny Dixon Jr. (Moodyman), Rick Wilhite, and Marcellus Pitmann. Big big names in the Detrioit Scene, all purveyors of deep house music.

Below are some selected jams from their Spectrum CD compilation, tracks that are sure to provide a good serving of bass on your face.

track 2 track

War On Woodward Ave

Blue Out

yours truly

And now for a moodyrand moment of introspection:

I’m feeling incredible at the moment. I just turned a year older and couldn’t be more elated about the fact. The truth being, I have so many things to be thankful for: a supporting family, inspiring friends, & the overall grand direction of my life as a young adult. The list might seem proverbial, and it maybe so, but within the mindset of this newly crowned twenty-something, the list retains more depth, more meaning. I was advised that you find yourself in limbo post-college. That your formative years take a stand-still as you reassess what direction to take.

You know what? I am enjoying my time in purgatory.


Because, I am surrounded by people that inspire me. Beautiful people whose strange quirks bursting from their seems. Beautiful people whose intrinsic knowledge and personal sensibilities rub off me. Beautiful people who balance me out. Moreover, the past year might be my most romantic yet; acquisitions of new friends, new lovers,  a growing zeal for music, a job in the contemporary art scene, and finding a place in my city’s bizarre youth culture circus.

During an LSD-induced exploration of the Getty Center, a dear friend of mine told me, the things in life we appreciate were not born out of mediocrity. Uttered words serve as a perfect summation of the past year spent. Kindred spirits in a house of masters, lost within the galleries, inspired by their works while aspiring to be at the height of our own potential. A moment stood still as if we were at the center of the universe.

These are the products of inspired individuals, this is what they slave for.

This right here can be us.

At that very moment I felt unhinged.

My resolution for this year is to nourish my virtues: my unwavering spirit, my quiet cool, my gentle gusto, and even my goofball nature. It maybe egocentric of me to do so, but I wish myself a happy birthday. Here’s to a few more years of living the life electric.

Untitled (How Does It Feel)