happy birthday! congratulations, it’s a music head.

Been meaning to start one of these for a while now, finally got over the perennial stints of procrastination so I’m taking full advantage of this second wind.

Before you move on, I want to establish that this space is meant for myself – first and foremost – you, the audience, is secondary. It  is my intention to create a space where I can aggregate any form of cultural content that I find interesting, a catalogue of my likings if you will. Whether it be music (both old & new), the parties and their peoples, various selects from cinema, literature, readings, texts, dialogues, happenings, even a correspondence with a friend, the underlining fact is that this is my content, this is my taste.

Also, when it comes to citing music, I am not all-inclusive. I do not know everything about every genre. It takes teams of people to produce well-researched music journalism. I just fancy myself as a music enthusiast.

Apologies if I sounded brazen but it needed to be said.

Happy birthday moodyrand, wish you the best and many returns!

“In the beginning there was Jack … and Jack had a groove
And from this groove came the grooves of all grooves.”

— Chuck Roberts – Chicago – 1987

Sermon: I am the creator and this is my house!


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